Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cable Animated.

I gotta Cintiq this week. And ya know? It's pretty sweet. This is the second piece of artwork I've created on it. I won't show you the first cuz it kinda sucks, lol. But anyways, this was done incredibly quickly (roughly an hour), which is definitely one of the benefits of working digitally.

PS. Just as a side note, this has absolutely nothing to do with Wolverine and the X-Men. Not even the same style. This is nothing more than a slightly polished sketch.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wolverine & The X-Men

Well, the cat's out the bag. This project is the reason you probably haven't seen me drawing much in the way of comic books lately. I worked on it the majority of '06 and '07 as character designer. I've worked on a few other cartoons before, like Boondocks, Hellboy, TMNT, etc. But all of those projects were only to a limited degree. This is what I consider my first cartoon since I worked on it full time for over a year. So it's pretty cool to see your designs come to life.

Coming this fall.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Ellie Saves the World.

Aight, so some people have inquired as to what the piece is in the title of this blog. This piece right here was created for PopGun #1 (available now), an anthology book published by Image Comics. This piece came about in an interesting way. I was slated to do an actual story for the book, something that I would completely write, draw and possibly color as well. This is something I've wanted to do for quite a while now. Unfortunately, life got in the way. A mix of way too much work, a bit of procrastination, mismanagement of time, a smidgen of fear, and a few other reasons led to me not getting my submission done. So I talked to the editor Mark Smith, and told him what was up, but that I still wanted to contribute something, anything. He suggested that I create a cover image for another story called Ellie Saves the World. So he sends me the in progress pages along with the story, and I thought it was ****ing awesome. Totally up my alley. I was happy just to get down with something so cool, to be honest. So I whipped this piece up pretty quickly, and hit up my man John Rauch to throw down some colors, to which he did an excellent job on such a quick turnaround. And I'm pretty happy with it. Sometimes that's how these things happen. And there you have it.