Monday, July 21, 2008

San Diego Comicon

The Kharupt World Tour continues, this time in sunny Southern California. The San Diego Comicon is July 24-27th. I won't have a table but I will be at the Chaotic booth (booth #3351) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 2:30, kissing babies, signing autographs and giving out my personal cell # to the groupies (ladies only, please). But for real, if you're gonna be there, definitely swing by and chop it up with me. San Diego is my favorite con and it's always a good time. But be on good behavior, because there will be lots of little kiddies (and my bosses) around.

And if you don't see me on the con floor, you can be damn sure you will see me at the hotel bar later on that nite. Holla atcha boy.

Melke is designed and drawn by yours truly, and colored by Tony Washington. And can I say, I've seen some stuff from Chaotic Season 2, and it is %$7;^ing AWESOME. Seriously, the show has changed up a lot from Season 1 to Season 2, and y'all are not ready.