Monday, November 22, 2010


First off, my apologies for the lack of updates, y'all. It's not because I don't love y'all. I have been supremely busy lately working on a ton of stuff and it's been kicking my butt. I will do my best to update this blog more often, though. Promise. And look for a much needed website update early next year. It's been far too long.

So, that said -- what have I been up to you ask? Well.

Starborn - Monthly series coming out in December 2010 from BOOM! Studios. Created by Stan Lee, written by Chris Roberson, drawn by Khary Randolph and colored by Mitch Gerard.

Charismagic - Mini-series written by Vince Hernandez, drawn by Khary Randolph and colored by Emilio Lopez. Out in February. Published by Aspen MLT.

And if you've followed me for any amount of time, you know by now that that's not all I've been working on. But c'mon, I can't show my full hand yet right? Talk to you soon.