Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Thas' right. The book is now available for purchase online from It's been a long time coming. So go get yerself a copy. You won't regret.

It's been a minute since I've had a chance to update my blog(s) because the month of August has been an extremely busy one. One weekend at the San Diego Comicon, the next in Boston, the next after that at Wizard World Chicago, and then a week later in Nassau, Bahamas. Yes, I racked up quite a bit of frequent flyer miles. I have plenty to talk about and many a picture to share, but all that can wait for a bit so I can reiterate the point of this blog entry -- *ahem* -- THE BLACK BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE. The book will get nationwide distribution later on in the year, but I'd like to get the book into the hands of the people that really, really want the book now. Plus, getting the books from me directly is the only way you're gonna get em signed. 48 pages of hard cover, full color femininity and curves by yours truly. Just click on the link. Holla back.

Oh, and one more thing -- the first 20 people that order will get a special little something extra from me. ;)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Wizard World Chicago

So, San Diego was a blast. I had lots of fun, saw lots of friends I haven't seen in quite a while, and also made some good contacts which will hopefully pan out in the future. I'll have some pictures up soon, I'm just waiting for a few pics that other people took, and I'll post em up when I get those. That said, my summer convention tour continues as later on this week I will be in the Windy City for Wizard World Chicago August 9-12th. Unlike SDCC, I will actually have a table in Artist Alley. I'll be signing books, selling copies of the Black Book, pushing prints, and doing sketches for whoever wants em. A warning, however -- the sketchlist does get filled kinda quickly, so if you wanna get one I would suggest you get there early. Just sayin'. So swing by and holla atcha boy, it'll be all types of fun.

Also, here is a piece that I did right before the San Diego show. Literally. As in, it was completed a day before I left. It was done specifically for the show as a raffle giveaway at the 4kids/Chaotic booth.