Sunday, March 11, 2007

New York Comicon.

So, I finally, finally did it. I made an "official" blog. Not that I didn't have them before. I mean, I've had one on for years. And I have one on myspace. But till now I haven't been a part of the blog "community". And I felt a lil' left out. So here I be. And this is my first post. So, this being my first post, for those who don't know who I am, let me give you the short version. I'm Khary Randolph. I live in New York. I draw stuff for a living. I've done lots of work for companies like Marvel, DC, Image, Sony, 4kids, blah blah blah. And I love what I do. Every once in a while I crawl out of my little upper east side apartment (affectionately called The Hatch by me and my girl because it's dark and red and kinda looks like The Hatch from Lost) and go to comic book conventions. I go to these things 1) because it's one of the only times when I get to vibe with other creators and get amped up on all the amazing art; 2) I like to meet the fans and get honest reactions to the art; 3) and I say this with no shame whatsoever -- I make good money there. So with all that in mind, I did the New York Comicon February 23-35th, 2007. This one was a big one for me because it was the first time I had ever done signings at tables other than my own. I spent time at both the 4kids/Chaotic booth and at the McFarlane/Spawn. It was a -- wait. Stop. Let's cut all the blogginess out. Just look at the pictures already.

The line. You can't really tell but this extended for blocks. And it was really, really cold outside.
That's my artwork for Chaotic. It was posted on every door of the Javitz Center. Not bad, right?
Me at my table. Notice the ashy hands of someone who washes his hands way too much.
And the bagel crumbs in my lap. Pimp.
The Chaotic booth.My art.
Yup. Mine too.
Oh look is that? Yup. Mine.
Signing autographs.
Preaching the truth to the youth.
Me and Spawn writer Jon Goff at the Mcfarlane booth.
Me, Lesean Thomas, and a Pop Culture Shock girl.
My good friend Lawrence Christmas. He's an angry black man.Andrew Bell, of Creatures in My Head. Yeah, he's gangsta like that.Me and my childhood homeboy Amit.
She will probably kill me the next con I see her, but I cannot remember this girl's name for the life of me. Nonetheless, she was very cool and you should all go buy the book she's promoting.The fruits of a hard day's work. Holla!

Much thanx to everyone who contributed pictures to this blog. You guys keep me lookin' oh so pretty!


BigG said...

Word son, you were killin' it at the con this year. Way to hold it down.

Andre Moore said...

man I'm mad i didnt get to make it up for the show. Dang you you big Ballliiiiiin"

Kanokadafi said...

not bad for a beaner.

eugene commodore said...

Ah shit man the Blog world has been Kharupted haha what man it was cool chillin with ya, you did ya thing in a big way, That con was a crazy one. Cant wait for next year