Thursday, September 4, 2008

Random Shizz.

Yeah, so it's been a while and I apologize for that. Kinda been a bit crazy lately, professionally and personal life-wise. Trying to get back on track though, so deal with me a bit as I get my life back in order. On the plus side, I have just accepted a full-time gig as Character Designer over at 4kids. Not much really changes from what I've been doing for the past year, except for a title and some of the benefits that come along with being an employee to a major company. It's good to have some stability for once.

My main priority there is, as it has been for the past year, Chaotic card illustration and character design. I'd love to show you some of the stuff we've been coming up lately, we've really been hitting our stride. I feel like I'm doing some of the best work of my career right now, and it feels good, even though there's a lot of it (and never enough time to do it, lol). I also helped out on the new season of TMNT, which will be coming out sometime this month. I worked on the style guide and also did some illustration work for the show intro. I'll post those when I get the go ahead, they came out pretty cool.

I also recently completed this cover to a TMNT Season 2 DVD. Colors by Emilio Lopez.

More Upper Deck for y'all! Papi! David Ortiz of the Red Sox here was actually the first design I did for Upper Deck, about a year ago. Still one of my favorites thus far. Maybe it's a Boston thing, I dunno.

David Wright of the Mets.

Finally, you guys can peep some of the stuff I did for Wolverine & The X-Men, coming out in 2009. These are pics I took from San Diego Comicon, where they had this big set up at the Marvel Booth promoting the new cartoon. The Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Cyclops were all drawn by yours truly. :)

I got plenty more stuff I'd like to show you guys, but I just have to wait until the right moment to do so. I promise to post more regularly tho, you have my word. Holla back!



Pablo said...

welcome back. Congrats on the full time gig. your stuff is looking great, keep it up.

Dipesh said...

wow...busy guy!!! it's amazing stuff that your working on. I saw an episode of "Wolverine and the x-men", and i have to say it's amazing!! it's a really solid looking show, animation, characters, bg and storey!! Keep up the awsome work! Did you happen to do any marvel masterpiece cards? i've seen a bunch of artist posting theres, just wondering if you squeezed some in your busy schedule..hehe.

kaNO! said...

Congrats man, UD stuff looks awesome as usual and X-men looks dope.

honored 1 said...

Not much of a fan-boy but I've been watchin you for years now man. You never disappoint. Congrats on the full time gig as well as all the other goodnes that has come your way with the animation & stuff.

Well deserved

~ tOkKa said...

-->> K, .. TMNT : B T T S starts saturday on CW.

It was thru' your work prior on the style guides on TMNT's earlier 2k3 run and the interspursment of the Turtles' style guide for 4kid with Mirage's Mike Dooney.

And you've ruined me ever since then.

Been too hooked on Kharupt-kraft.

Hell even my damm ol' Turtles lunch kit i carry most of my markers and art supplies in for general sketching has all your TMNTS all over it.

And the direction for Chaotic, man is so helping pump up that show to a level it so needed. Excellent.

Was buzy spinning my wheels my entire trip in Cali- and i'm sorry i missed you at the Chaotic booth. Too many portfolio reviews and interviews. :(

Well next time i'll have to avoid the cats in the cradle and just haul my ass over to see you.

Whatever.. it's people like you that keep me hangin' in there in all this psycho art sh7t. And how damm close i come to calling it quits for good anymore. So.. i owe you allot.

So thanks.

Can't Wait for B T T S ..see what you helped inspire !!


Kid Kalig said...

Aww, thanx M. That means a lot. :)

Michael said...

Awesome work man.
Great blog!


keep it up tokka :)

k - its a trip to see it all big and whatnot huh?

its kind of like a big ol' markee(sp?) with your name on it wit flashin' lights


oh! and stability is good

J. Griffaud said...

Very nice these base ball players!

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