Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chaotic hits million mark

Art by myself. Color by Etienne St. Laurent.

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Chaotic hits million mark, moves into new territories

With multiplatform boys property Chaotic nearing its one millionth registered user on and its one-year anniversary this Friday, owner 4Kids Entertainment is readying global expansion plans.

With distribution already sealed in the US, Australia, South Africa, and the Philippines, Carlin West, EVP of acquisitions and development, says that plans are in place to secure broadcast for the 2-D toon Chaotic in every major country in the world by the end of 2009, particularly in Euro nations France, Germany, Italy and Spain. By next March, the accompanying website will be launched in each language along with localized versions of the trading card game currently manufactured by 4Kids subsidiary TC Digital Games.

The triple-threat property, which targets boys eight to 15, spans trading cards, online and broadcast and is also making its retail debut in the UK this month at 73 Toys 'R' Us stores. And to complement its forthcoming international rollout, a small licensing program that mirrors current efforts in North America will also focus on the technology, fashion and gameplay aspects of the property. West is close to announcing global master toy and video game licensees, aiming to have product on shelf by fall 2009. In the meantime, she's on the hunt for international food & beverage partners.

With the economic situation putting a strain on everyday and holiday spending, West says Chaotic is well-timed, in that it offers affordable play with its entry level US$13.99 price point for a starter deck compared to expensive console systems, and believes it to be the next iteration of TCG gameplay.

Chaotic currently airs daily on Toon Disney's Jetix block, Fox's 4KidsTV block and TheCW4Kids Saturday morning block on The CW. More than 38 million trading cards have been uploaded to by users in more than 190 countries.


trialsze said...

Bro I love the work you and Tim are doing on these cards but the animation for the cartoon is just horrid. They should get you more involved with it.

eugene commodore said...

khruption at a world wide level I can dig it

Kid Kalig said...

Trialsze, have you seen any of the stuff from Season 2 yet? If you haven't yet bro, check it out. I personally think it looks pretty good myself.

Thanx, E!

BigG said...

looks who's blowin up...aaawwwww shit!

Cheeks said...

tighter than a pair of... yeah. hahaha