Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble gobble, y'all

Yes, at this very moment I am posting this from my Macbook Pro in Boston, minutes away from an incredible Thanksgiving meal. It's smelling ridiculous so I'm gonna keep this post pretty short. God, I love this time of year. Anyways, Upper Deck has finally announced their line of MLB All Star Vinyl figures that will be hitting toy stores very soon. These figures are a little smaller than the regular ASV line, 10" instead of 12". Here is the list of figures coming out and the artists related to each figure:

  1. Pujols - Scot Terry
  2. Wright - Khary Randolph
  3. Howard - Khary Randolph
  4. Ichrio - Sean Galloway
  5. Ortiz - Khary Randolph
  6. Jeter - Scot Terry
  7. Soriano - Bob Strang
  8. Vladimir - Khary Randolph
  9. Reyes - Bob Strang
  10. Arod - Khary Randolph
  11. Dice-K - Khary Randolph
  12. Sizemore - Bernard Chang

Here is a better view of Guerrero.

Enjoy kids, and have a happy Thanksgiving!


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..that's a fine HOW DO YOU DO..

hhmm.. it's also the day after t-day.

I wonder .. naww, ( maybe ) ?!

..i'll check the shoppes.


Francis Vallejo said...

real nice work, and happy thanksgiving!


happy turkey day k!

does bernard have a bloggy?

Kid Kalig said...

I really do not know man. I've never interacted with the guy before.



hope i wasn't buggin' ya with that book just wondering ya got the info

Cheeks said...

yours looks tight... but my contribution is FUGLY!!!! UGH! hahahaha

Kid Kalig said...

Fool, you crazy. Yours has the most energy/motion of all of them.


Von Toten said...

Hey they all look great, Khary! I'm glad to have my stuff in the company of the designs that you guys did, very cool! - Bob

Kid Kalig said...

Von Toten! I KNEW that shit was yours, man! I just never knew your real name, lol. Great work man.


Von Toten said...

hah thanks man! i might have told ya at that party, but that was a long ass time ago! thanks again dude!

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