Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Guess who's working on Season 2?

“Wolverine and the X-Men” was a ratings hit for Nicktoons, as the debut episode was the network’s highest-ever premiere with kids and boys. The premiere drew 436,000 viewers, up 808% from last year, according to a news release.

Nicktoons Network’s Wolverine and X-Men Carves Niche as Net’s Highest-Rated Premiere Ever with Kids and Boys

Nicktoons Network’s back-to-back premiere episodes of Wolverine and the X-Men (Jan. 23 8 and 8:30 p.m. ET), the new action-packed animated series based on Marvel’s popular super hero series, was the network’s highest rated original series premiere ever with kids and boys. Each episode posted triple-digit gains with all kid and boy demos.

The hour-long block, elevated the network’s ratings by +233% with kids 6-11 and +180% with boys 6-11; and averaged 1.0/123,000 K6-11 and a 1.4/91,000 B6-11.

Highlights of Wolverine and the X-Men 8 p.m. (ET) episode include:

* The 8 p.m. telecast scored triple digit gains of +133% with kids 6-11 and averaged a .7/92,000 K6-11, and +175% with boys 6-11 with a 1.1/72,000 B6-11.

* With tweens 9-14 the episode earned a .6/70,000, up +500%; with boys 9-14, it was up +350% and averaged a .9/60,000 B9-14.

* With kids 2-11 the episode earned a .7/135,000 K2-11, up +250%; with boys 2-11, it was up +233% averaging a 1.0/105,000 B2-11.

* The premiere also drew 436,000 total viewers (P2+), up +808% over last year.

Highlights of Wolverine and the X-Men 8:30 p.m. (ET) episode include:

* The 8:30 p.m. (ET) telecast scored triple and quadruple-digit gains for Nicktoons with all kid and tween demos and total viewers.

* The half-hour episode earned a 1.2/154,000 with kids 6-11, up +200% and a 1.7/110,000 with boys 6-11, up +183%.

* With tweens 9-14 the episode earned a 1.1/134,000, up +1000%; with boys 9-14 it was up +367% and averaged a 1.4/89,000 B9-14.

* With kids 2-11 the episode earned a 1.1/228,000; up +450%; and with boys 2-11, it earned gains of 275% and averaged a 1.5/154,000 B2-11.

* The second episode also drew 589,000 total viewers (P2+), up +1055% over last year.

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-->> ♥ ♥ Khary vivirá para siempre en el corazón de mutantes..

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Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Those interstitials (which were filmed here at the studio) had me cringing during every commercial break at how bad they were. But the show itself... Huge props. I'm really diggin' it and can't wait for more episodes.

ANX said...

Glad to know you're back on board, man. Loved your stuff while I on the first season.

Von Toten said...

AWESOME MAN! congrats, ya outta be proud of yaself! now why dont you get a DA acoount? heheh

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Bob - Yeah, I may have to break down one of these days. I already have an account, but I've never used it for anything other than to check out some of the pretty girls on there. But everyone else is on DA, dammit. . .

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do it man, whats holdin ya back? youd only create a bigger fanbase for yourself, look at me, no one would know a damn thing bout me if i never made one, just be some random sad sack freight train conductor that draws pictures hahah. but now look at me im a sad sack frieght train conductor and ppl see my pictures, and got alot of coverage and contacts man. its a damn good site, done me well. you wouldnt know me from adam, good site man

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Awesome bro! Nothing like living the dream!