Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thebsarr & The Bødega

Ok, two things. First, some Chaotic art. Theb-sarr, king of the Mipedians. Drawn by yours truly, colored by Emilio Lopez.

Second. Me and my good friend Brad Silverman have started another blog. Not one to replace this one by any means, but a totally different thing. It's just a collection of random odds and ends that we are fond of on the internet. Some of it fun, some quirky, some weird, and some naughty. But to us it's all beautiful so if we like it, we throw it up. Don't judge us. Just enjoy and tell your friends: http://thebodega.tumblr.com/
And if you're not down with our Twitter game yet, get on board. Mine is twitter.com/kidkalig, Brad's is twitter.com/therisk, and Bodega's is twitter.com/delabodega.

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