Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kobe-Gate 2010

I suppose I should speak on this as it's gotten more attention than I would have ever guessed it would. So yesterday I get an email from Digital Gravel is a dope online hip-hop clothing store I frequent from time to time, and as such I'm on their mailing list. To my surprise, there is a promotion for a brand new True Theory Kobe Bryant shirt featuring art by yours truly:

You may recognize this art, because I posted it on my DeviantArt page over a year ago:

It was a toy design I did for Upper Deck a while ago. The thing is, I had nothing to do with the t-shirt! It was a straight up swipe (and honestly, a badly done one). You can imagine my surprise, opening up an email and being pitched artwork done by ME! And it was selling pretty well, as well! WTF?!

So yeah, I was a bit pissed for sure. I contacted Digital Gravel, Upper Deck and True Theory, and thanx to a bunch of awesome friends and supporters, there wound up being quite an uproar on Twitter directed at True Theory. I was really shocked at all the people that had my back, I was quite flattered really. It even turned into a Swipe File story on Bleeding Cool.

Regardless to say, Digital Gravel was quick to pull the item once I contacted them. We talked it out and they were very cool and even offered compensation (which I denied). I have nothing but respect for how they handled the situation.

As far as True Theory, they contacted me and apologized as well later on that night. They also offered compensation (which I also denied). So in the end it all turned out okay. I have no hard feelings for anyone involved. But it should serve as a warning to anyone that wants to try and take the easy road out and steal from artists -- that time you spend taking from someone else could just as easily be spent creating something new. It'll turn out much better for you in the long run.

And oh yeah -- go Celtics.



RAWLS said...

haha, I love that you got an email about it from them! Classic.
I hear stories like this more and more these days, hoping that it doesn't ever happen to me. Either way, great pic my friend! You handled the situation honorably.

GeeMoney said...

Hey K.

I love that pic of Kobe and brother I want that shirt that was issued. Where can I get one from

Samax said...

wow! that's crazy! retribution!

Unknown said...

wow,it looks so cool,I like Kobe and the t shit.

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