Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spawn #198, Pimpjooze Vol. 5 & SDCC

Okay, so big news on the horizon. One, Spawn #198, drawn by yours truly (and inked by Todd McFarlane) will finally be on sale on July 28th. Go cop a bunch of copies!!

Also, the fifth volume in my line of sketchbooks, Pimpjooze Vol. 5 is officially available for sale online. All 4 previous volumes have sold out and product for this one is extremely limited as well so get them while you can! You can buy them off of my Ebay store.

Lastly, I will be at San Diego Comicon. Not in an official behind the table capacity, but just enjoying the show as a fan this year and just walking around. But I will be a part of a panel for an upcoming series I am working on, so stay tuned for that news. And if you see me walking around, please feel free to say what's up!


Dragonfly said...

How much for postage to Australia?!

Kitty London said...
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